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Cooking event by Master Chef Shazia Khan with TTK Prestige at The Oberoi, Bangalore


Got an invite for a Cooking event by “Master Chef Shazia Khan” with TTK prestige at The Oberoi, Bangalore. Chef Shazia Khan, the master chef runner up – she who demonstrated about the innovative tools from TTK Prestige along with a cooking session.

She curated a fusion menu for the cooking show – Dukkah crusted paneer with creamy beetroot, The brinjal affair, Grilled figs with almond crumble and vanilla mousse, Chilli mutton sliders, Cuban chicken sewers and Grape juice puchka shots.

During the preparation of the dishes, she used a range of variety of TTK prestige products like

  •  ·         Prestige Air-Fryer – A very healthy appliance where no oil is used for deep fry any ingredient.
  • ·         Prestige Slow Juicer
  • ·         Clip on pressure cooker – Which helps you to cook food faster, with maximum security and also it can be used as a kadhai.
  • ·         Schott Glass Gas hop top
  • ·         Automatic Mixer Grinder
  • ·         Induction cook Top
  • ·         Gold Cookware
  • ·         Veggie Cutter – Veggie cutter which chops of the vegetable and just you need to rotate using a knob given over the there, which helps in faster cooking.

About TTK prestige:

Personally, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of prestige as all my non-stick cookware, my glass top hob that I use in daily basics are from TTK prestige. Coming to the event, Mr. Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige said, “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the prefect dish. Now with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home”.

Over the past six decades TTK Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest Kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. Every Prestige brand is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability, and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes. Also Prestige has launched “Prestige Clean Home” a range innovative home cleaning solutions.

We also had a tasting after the food was completed, each and every food was too good. As this has been my second meetup with Chef. Shazia Khan, I liked all her dishes, she creates everything innovative and yum.

After the tasting we had a lunch at The Oberoi, Bangalore – Each and every dish was too delicious. Being a fan of Prestige, also right from my childhood I have seen my mom using Prestige non-stick vessel right from kadhai till the dosa pan. And now the same with me, but it’s right from glass top stove till tadka pan. Waiting eagerly to try other products also. Thanks to TTK Prestige for inviting me for this informative event and making day more special with TTK Prestige.


For more details you can refer – https://www.prestigesmartkitchen.com/

Food Review – Fresh Menu, Bangalore


Sometimes I get tired or feel very lazy, imagine when its winter – yeah I like to tuck in my bed and this resulted in off for cooking and got to order with FRESH MENU. The food was delivered on the right time, the package was very good, portion of the food was also good. I got to order – Thai yellow chicken noodles, Fried Chicken wings and Red velvet cheese. I like the food – Thai Yellow Chicken Noodles was awesome, I like it to the core, fried Chicken wings was ok and again Red Velvet Cheese was yummy, I could have 2 portions at a time. Enjoy your laziness and winter with FRESH MENU and make your tummy feel happy.
FreshMenu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Madraasi getting Live – I TEACH MY RECIPE


The long wait day has come – Yes MADRAASI going LIVE globally from MADRAASI Kitchen and this show is to be live telecasted all over the supermarkets of “MORRISTOWN” in U.S. This program is done for Charity, especially for kids who are in need for food, education and shelter. Proud that MADRAASI have been selected for one such reason, and I always love to contribute things possible by me, for kids as they are our future generation.  

Madraasi getting Live

Madraasi getting Live

Thanks a lot to EXPO MILANO 2015, who picked me up for their recipe contribution, almost for a year of 2015 I have been contributing my recipes. The journey was not that easy with too many rejections, then corrections and submissions. But I learnt so many things from this, like the exact English word for the ingredients, enhanced my photo skills, interacting with many people and so on. Also I have been the top contributor of India and one among them globally.

Recipes to be taught today –

  • Tapioca Pearls Kheer / Javvarsi Payasam – Click here.
  • Vermicelli Kheer / Semiya Payasam – Click here.

EXPO MILANO 2015 being the source which got me selected with Kitchen Connection and the one and only source for today’s live program. I have been working on this for almost 6 months, too many live sections by testing the connection and interacting with the team. After all such things, now MADRAASI getting Live from MADRAASI Kitchen in INDIA, people in U.S can watch the live show in all the MORRISTOWN supermarkets by 10.30 p.m INDIAN TIME.

Video recipes  –

I can’t say just in a word, “Thanks KITCHEN CONNECTION” but will sure give my best. My Heartiest thanks to Kitchen Connection for selecting me and been a big motivation to start my YOUTUBE Channel.