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Food Review – Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen

Food Review – Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen

Got invite for a food review to Rasovara for the celebration of the arrival of Summer King – Mango. Mangoes are presented in different forms in an array of food from starters till the desserts.

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This is my second experience of thali meals with most of the foods prepared with mangoes in the same year. I would it’s not only me, but my kids loved a lot. Mango Mastani, Aamras, Mango Lassi was totally enjoyed by us. We took almost 1 ½ to 2 hours to dine, because of the variety of foods and also, we don’t want to miss them.

Food Review – Rasovara, UB city, Bangalore
Celebrating the arrival of Mangoes

Also, the menu is based on rotation and so the dishes keeps changing at certain intervals. Let me share the menu we enjoyed there –

  • Khatta Meetha Samosa
  • Kairi Kofta Makhani
  • Shahi Kairi Malai
  • Aam ki Launji
  • Mango Ice Tea
  • Kairi Panna
  • Mango MAstani
  • Kairi chilla
  • Jaipuri Kairi Papad Bhel
  • Khoba Roti
  • Mango Dum Biryani
  • Mango Nargis Chum chum
  • Mango Malpua with Lachha Rabdi
  • Raw Mango Pachadi
  • Mango Pulissery
  • Raw Mango Spicy salad.


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Food Review – Box8

Food Review – Box8

This is my long time wait review – Box8 – India’s fastest growing on-demand food delivery company. They keep one simple thing in mind when they make food – They only serve food that they love to eat.
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As of innovation, they have designed the All-in-One meal box, which is a fulfilling Indian meal with rice, roti, stir-fry and salad. They also serve wraps, sandwiches and salads with a fusion of Indian and Western flavors. Their first outlet was a small one in a corporate cafeteria, which has now grown to 50+ outlets across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Let me share the experience with Box8 below…

  • Delivery –  They deliver in punctual timings. They keep on updating us when the food is packed, about to start and when started through messaging in mobile.
  • Packing – Packing was wonderfully and perfectly done, desserts come in a small boxes and the lemonade comes in an attractive small plastic bottles.
  • Food
    • Wrap – Tandoori paneer wrap – The wrap was awesome and the paneer was well cooked with the perfect masala
    • Sandwich – Chicken Sheek Kebab Sandwich – The chicken was well done and was juicy in a delicious tikka sauce. A yummy sandwich for everyone, also very innovative to have sandwich with our Indian food.
    • Salad – Char Grilled Chicken Salad – Tandoori grilled chicken with exotic veggies in a spiced dressing was unique and liked this a lot.
    • All-in-One meal – Chicken Peshwari Meal – This was totally delicious, full filling and tasty with the steamed rice, chicken kebabs, chicken tikkas and mint chutney with a spicy chicken curry. A must to try here.
    • Murg Dum Biryani – Biryani was too good, with the right amount of spices, the loveliest thing in this biryani is they use boneless chicken, which would be perfect for a lunch box concept.
Masala Lemonade and Ice Tea

Masala Lemonade and Ice Tea

  • Dessert – Moong dal halwa – Halwa was ok, it was cruchy, soft and melts in the mouth. Gulab Jamun – was too good, as it melts in the mouth.
  • Drinks – Masala Lemonade – Masala lemonade was totally delicious, with good punch of chat masala in lemonade. Ice Tea – Ice Tea was also perfectly done.

One can have all the type of food, from sandwich and salad to Biryani.

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Food Review – Indian Paratha Company

Food Review – Indian Paratha Company

This was our  24th FBAB meetup, we had good time, and I liked the place to the core, as it was away from the city surrounded by nature. This would be a best place, when you feel to have a small drive from the city, with beautiful and heart-warming environment.
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About IPC: Indian Paratha Company, is an upscale coffee shop founded by Nirmal Singh Sandhu and Gunjan Sandhu, in August, 2014. Nirmal, a well-travelled person has visited many countries, cities of the world. During his road journey, he noticed the lack of good highway Restaurants in India and thus came Indian Paratha Company – Chai Paratha & More.

Location: IPC is located at Devanhalli, Bangalore which is just few kilometers away Kempe Gowda (Bangalore) International Airport. A good highway restaurant with proper food and clean toilets, and it is a den for Super Bikers and Super Cars. As the place is located few kilometers on to Nandi hills, one of the tourist attractions or weekend gateway for Bangloreans. It can be very easily identified as it is situated on the foot hills of the Jain Temple near to Airport.

Ambiance: They have given a European and Western “Look and Feel” to the restaurant. Also they have tables to the outdoor of the restaurants, which would be pleasant in the mornings and evenings. One could be admire the sunrise and sunset, as it is situated on the foothills of the Jain Temple.

Food: It is a fresh, fast and casual concept, serving fast but fresh food without preservatives or de-freezing. Gunjan Sandhu, a Nutritionist has designed the menu. Besides Chai & Paratha, they also serve cold and hot beverages like lassi, Irish coffee and Kulfi. The most important thing is it’s a Pure Vegetarian and Alcohols are strictly not allowed in the restaurants.

Here are some of the dishes we had at the restaurants:

  • Patiala Lassi: Not only me but my family likes lassi, here the lassi was perfectly done with wonderful texture and yummilicious taste. I would highly recommend Lassi in this restaurant.
  • Pakoda Platter: We had onion pakoda – it was crispy, crunchy and soft, paneer pakoda – it was crispy outside and soft inside topped with fried green chilies.
  • Achari Masti Paratha: This is was so soft and was perfectly stuffed with a thin layer of panner, potato and some achar (pickle). The combination was too good and the paratha tasted heavenly. One can eat it as such without any side dish.
  • Paneer Tikka Parathzza: This was something unique, I would bet kids will like this to the core. First time had a paratha as pizza. A must try here.
  • Kulfi: Kulfi was very good, my kids enjoyed kulfi a lot.
  • Irish coffee: My hubby a coffee maniac, liked the coffee a lot. He stated it a perfect Irish coffee, with the balanced little bitterness and sweetness in it.

Serving: They serve very fast and service was too good.

Suggestions: Personally I have suffered a lot for a decent restaurant with clean toilet facilities in the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, when we travel to places like Nandi Hills, Lepakshi and now I would suggest people can have a good relax and yummy food on the highway.

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