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Garhwali Food Festival, Fairfield Marriott, Bangalore


Got an invite for Garhwali food festival at Kava, Fairfield Marriott, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. The name sounds very different and new to me, later came to know that it was based on the individual community Garhwali who lives in and around districts of Uttarakhand, India. Much excited for the review, as the cuisine was new to me.

This Garhwali food festival at Kava, Fairfield Marriott, Bangalore happened only for a week from (11th Aug – 20th Aug). The restaurant was well decorated, and two ladies were dressed in Garhwali attire, which gives us the feeling of Uttarakhand. Not only with the ambiance but every time Marriott would bring their authentic regional Chef of the particular region and this time it’s Chef Kripal Adhikari, who came from Uttarakhand for this food festival. Along with him, Head Chef Aniket Das, prepared this delicious feast and all the dishes tastes yum.
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Also the most impressing one was the menu was written out in a leaf plate and then the food was served in a thali. Being a non-vegetarian, First Comes the chutney – had 4 different chutneys – Bhang ki chutney (name sounds different and good right? Must to try over there), Bhatt ki chutney, Amla chutney, Batuwe ka raita and Amchuri.

Thali holds – Jakhiya Paneer, Akrot Kebab, Phannu (I have come across this dish through my fellow food bloggers from north but the very first time got to try it, it was awesome – made of mixed lentils), Pahari Rajma, Kafuli (made spinach and fenugreek leaves ) – the color of this dish was more inviting and so it tastes (yum), Chakhor Kebab, Pahari Murgi Tamatar Jhol (curry), Ghanuo Jhol (Lamb Shank), Teetar Biryani, Jinnu ki roti, Pahari Lal Chawal, Mandua (Finger millet) kit Rotti – It was yum, when I tried it with Ghanuo Jhol (must to have), Gahat Ke paratha and Makki ki Rotti.

Coming to Desserts, Kheer (prepared with rice), Coconut Barfi and Bal Mithai (Barfi made of sweetened khoya and coated with sugar balls) – must to try.
Kava - Fairfield by Marriott Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
The Dinner Buffet is priced at INR 949 + Tax. Wishing everyone a Happy weekend, do not miss the food festival, give a try and enjoy the food festival.

For reservations, contact 080 49470020



Marwari Food Festival @ KAVA – Fairfield Marriott, Bangalore


It was last Friday, I got an invite to Fairfield Marriott for their “MARWARI FOOD FESTIVAL”, I reached on time. A must to try for all food lovers in Bangalore and this food festival is there only till Sep 30th (so hurry up), with Rs. 899+ taxes for adults and Rs. 450 for kids

We were given warm welcome, and the setup was too good with beautiful colors, right from the seating each and everything was excellent. Apart from all these there was a pottery station at the entrance which attracted everyone, all the kids were allowed to give a try. It was very interesting to see the man making clay pots, deepams, flowervase, agarbathi stand and so on. Chef. Bhuralal Prajapati, who came down to Bangalore from Pune and specially curated the menu of “MARWARI food festival”.

As I reached earlier, and few of our fellow bloggers where on their way. It was me and one of our fellow blogger had chats – Golgappas and Ragi Pattice. It was perfect with sweet, spicy and tanginess.
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When all of us gathered there, our food section followed with Aarthi and teeka. We were also made to wear a turban and sat on the floor which was designed traditionally.

We had a small talk with the chef, about the food, his journey with the food, as a recipe developer I got few tips and tricks of cooking millets. Let me share the experience right from the starters till the desserts…

  • Gulabi Sherbet – I could smell the rose (gulab) in, each and every sip, I had.
  • Mirchi Bhajiya – Green chilli pepper, which is dipped in a besan batter and deep fried.
  • Daal Baati churma – Fresh baati’s completely deep fried in Ghee/Clarified butter, mixed with daal and Churma (powdered jaggery). It was awesome no words …
  • Bajre ki kichadi – Bajre ki kichadi, was the one who stole my heart. I was yum, delicious, tasty, wonderful still many more words to use. When chef explained about the preparation process, I was shock, as it was very simple with 3 to 4 ingredients. But it tastes royal.
  • Gatte Ki Kadi – A curry made with yogurt/curd and gatta.
  • Gatte Ki Pulav – Pulav made with gatta (gram flour), it looks like sausage and liked it a lot.
  • Lal Maas – I am a big fan of Lal Maas, so no wonder I loved. This was the only non-veg dish in the menu. The veg was pure veg, who never non-veg but this was excellent and perfectly cooked.
  • Sangri ke Sabji – Sangri a kind of bean grown only in Rajasthan, in particular season, later dried and used out all over the year. It went out well with Bhajre ki kichadi.
  • Lasoon Chutney – A fiery red chutney, served with Mirchi Bhajiya’s.
  • Ghevar – Ghevar, is one of most waited dessert that I loved to try. I have tried it out in few restaurants, but my fellow foodies say it’s not the actual taste. But here I got to try the traditional ghevar, topped with rabdi. It was heavenly, even now I am drooling. Longing for Ghevar…
  • Jalebi – Jalebi was served with Rabdi.
  • Moong Dal Halwa
  • Maharaja Special – A cool refreshing drink, purely made with beetel leaves and gulkand. It was perfectly done, as they used right amount of beetel leaves. Loved it to the core.

As a non-veg lover, very first time I would say that my dinner was excellent with veg.