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My Long Awaiting Dream


As I shared earlier, I use to surf the net for things I look for, I need, I dreamt or what I want. I am planning to share one topic of my interest every week.

Everybody has dreams, I too have few dreams, the most important or the one I give top priority is “Home – Sweet Home”. So very often I use to browse for things related to house, may be an apartment, villa, independent house, row house, farm house, interiors and so on.

Recently I found a site, which I liked the most for their interior, constructions, gardening and so on. I have been browsing the site, regarding interiors and constructions for almost 2 hours and got to know their works for schools, hospitals and so on.

As a 100 % homemaker, my mind and heart diverted me towards their home and its interior. I strongly believe in the proverb, “EAST OR WEST, HOME IS THE BEST”. Even you could have stayed in a world’s best luxurious hotel, nevertheless it’s only your home which gives you the comfort which you don’t get anywhere and a peaceful feeling. The word home here doesn’t mean only the building but also the interiors like the wall colors, paintings, furniture’s and even a small plant which would make us feel comfortable, enhance the mood and relaxes the mind.

As a mother, I give more importance to education and health than anything. Like me my daughter is also a moody girl, so a well-defined study room is one of the most important thing in a house.


As a foodie, I spend most of the time in my kitchen. It’s all the comfort that brings out the good result based on the work we do. I never mind about the area (sq.ft), it’s all about the interior and the room space which makes us feel comfortable.


Apart from this all other rooms be it a living room, dining room, bed room each has its own comfort in one’s life.


So Home is not a 4 letter word, but a place which gives fulfillment to one’s life. Hope, wish and love – my dream come true soon.

Image Courtesy: Professional/Homify.


Food Review – District 6, Sheraton hotel, Bangalore


My first Foodie Meet with Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (FBAB), but this being 3rd FBAB meetup and I am happy that I could make it atleast this time. This meet was held up in District 6 – PUB BREWERY & KITCHEN, Sheraton Hotel, Bangalore, India.

First of all I would like to thank FBAB for your invite, the moment when I saw my name enrolled in the list I was very happy. I had a very good time with fellow foodies, delicious food and freshly brewed beer. I would say this would be one of most memorable day – the very first time of consuming a beer.

I got to see the brewing of beer recently in one of the cookery program, I was much interesting. But never imagine that I would get a chance to visit and collect details about beer brewing.

District 6 – They brew beer of their own with the assistance of GFB, Kasper Schulz who are over 350 year old beer House manufactures from Germany and Weyermann who source them the best ingredients form Germany. There are 6 variants of beer and the last two variants are not available on their menu –

  • The Liberator – Lager
    • Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%
  • The chief
    • Alchohol by volume: 4.6%
  • Dark Lord
    • Alchohol by volume: 4.5%
  • The Kapitan
    • Alcohol by volume: 6%
  • Smoking Konig
    • Alcohol by volume: 5.2%
  • Radler – who call it as sports drink
    • Large flavoured with lemon and alcohol by volume: 2.4%

Also we had few coolers – Watermelon cooler, Non-veg Tandoori Platter, Vegetarian Platter, Oriental Platter and platter with few veggies. All the platters are scrumptious and mouth-watering which makes you to fall in love with. I had watermelon cooler, tasted strawberry last but not to miss since it’s my first time, I tasted few sips of Radler which was flavored with lemon and loved it. They change the flavor as per the seasonal fruits.

Also we were demonstrated about the beer brewing

  • First they mix the malt with boiling water for almost 8 hrs
  • Secondly they mix all other ingredients and ferment for almost 8 hrs.
  • Thirdly they mix with the flavors.

Enjoyed a lot with our fellow foodies team, thanks to District 6 and FBAB for this meetup.


ARUL RESTARAUNT – exclusive Duck food


One of my favorite hotel – ARUL RESTAURANT, an exclusive restaraunt for Duck meat. This is the place from where my duck meat journey starts, usually when we travel to our hometown we could find many duck farms and restaraunts exclusively for duck meat near and closer to Karur, from Bangalore to Tuticorin on the highway. During one of the travel, we got down and just thought of tasting the duck meat and ordered for a duck pepper fry, after having the fry including kids we all loved it to the core and ordered for Duck curry and Duck pepper fry along with Parotta and Dosa.

It is a roadside restaraunt, in village style, but the taste of the food was unbeatable. Also they got a duck farm to the side of the restaraunt, kids enjoyed being with duck for some time. Now we have become their regular customer and never miss to have food in this particular hotel during our journey.

When we are returning to Bangalore from Tuticorin, we have food in that hotel and also purchase some duck meat to prepare at our home. So guys remember the restaraunt and do not forget to visit the restaraunt for the yummy Duck food.

Also Check out few of my Duck recipes, by clicking on the name of the recipe: Duck Briyani, Duck Curry-1, Duck Curry-2, Duck Curry-3, Duck Gravy and Duck Pepper Fry.

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