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A open letter to my GrandFather


One of the remarkable day in my life, almost a decade and two years (My Grandfather’s Anniversary) – which dragged myself who stayed under a beautiful, real and wonderful world to a jealous, selfish and fake world. No wonder, I have strived hard and still striving hard but learnt to live in this world. Few of the people might be missing you today. But I have been and will be missing your funny comments, our gossips, our chats, our fights, the way you scold me and immediately the way you convince me to see me smiling. In a word, I would say my best companion who understood me than anyone in this world, almost every moment of my life.

Open letter to my Grandfather

Open letter to my Grandfather

When I was with you my world was very small, but now I could see the same world as a very very huge one, without a secured sleep, without my happiness, without my beauty, without my patience, without a shoulder to lean, but with loads and loads of people purely with selfishness. I have seen very few as exceptional. However, I got the few thing like loneliness deep in my heart, too many (tons and tons) of things to share, in spite of all these sometimes I could feel you (may be your touch, your smell), I could hear you (at times of confusion or sorrow) but people say it is my intuition.

I hope I have just now started moving forward towards the shape, you wished to mould me and I will work hard on it. At this moment I love to thank god for having you in my life, the way you raised me, made me survive even at the toughest times, also I am proud to say that you are my first love, my first hero, my inspiration, my mentor, my one and only unconditional love and my one and only pride forever.

After hearing our stories, now even my kids miss you a lot. The little fellow was in search of you at door as I told him today you would be coming to see all of us, eagerly waiting to give a hug, kiss and make you stay with us – unlucky kids.




Happy VALENTINES Day – 2015


Valentine Day – The only day celebrated by everyone till love exists in the world. Happy to say that I got most wonderful souls in my life (hubby, friends, kids and few relatives), love you all guys. Most of the people imagine that love can only be seen in romance, but for me love can be seen from everyone but only way of expressing differs. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Also Iam taking this to Fiesta Friday #55 of Angie. As a food blogger, I am here presenting few recipes…

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Our STEEL Anniversary Day


One of the most important day in my life starts from here every year, FEBRAUARY 1st –It’s Our Anniversary Day. Really 11 yrs of togetherness so called “STEEL ANNIVERSARY”. Feel happy to be with such a man who is not only good, wise, clever but more than that a GENTLEMAN – Love you my Dear ( ). No words for you on this day because I could clearly say that being with me, a woman with too much of naughtiness, short tempered, outspoken and think that I am straightforward, is a very very difficult job. But you have been with me since 11yrs and have travelled with me in all my UP’s and now it’s not the least but this is the one I faced a lot in these 11yrs DOWN’S and also been so supportive in all my decisions. I could and would say that you are the one and only best for me.

Anniversary Day - 2015

Anniversary Day – 2015

I never care for other’s crappy view, just care only for yours, my closest souls and my kids view; and this had been made possible only because of you and I am sure that it will continue for rest of the years.

The most important thing which happened this year was, a HUGE SUPRISE from your side my love. A Surprise gift – a BOUQUET of my all time favorite yellow roses which I love to get only from your hand and a box of FERRERO ROCHER. Not to leave the kids they from their side with a bracelet and ring made with magic loom. A very happy day, love, wanted and will be like this forever.

Also today the cake made by me “BUTTERMILK FRUIT CAKE “was awesome, with a perfect texture, it was the perfect Fruit Cake. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAY to us.