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Feeling great, happy, loved, blessed, good.



Sharing one of the most important feelings in my life. Usually I use to think, worry, cry, at times even I go mad, also never thought whether they deserve my love and never notice the one who stays with me and hurt them a lot. Finally they too happen to leave me. Even I came to a conclusion, simply saying that “MY FATE”(Missing my loved ones).  I have changed me a lot by taking “Stay positive, and everything Stay’s positive” and started moving forward by leaving all those negatives. Finally wondering; Why to stay positive to hold on negatives? And started moving forward again walking on my own path declaring nobody can walk with me and also cheering me myself, “Let me face whatever happens to me with one and only myself”. After these many years, for the very first time discovered even there is a soul accepting me the way “IAM” and still staying with me, in spite of too many problems. I am proud and feel jealous on me, “I OVERCAME MY FATE”. Nobody is alone, there is somebody for everyone who makes them feels the luckiest, best, happy, loved in the world, but it takes time to find out the right person. But still there is a fear deep in my heart, wanting to stay like this forever and do not want to get beaten again.

Oh no! Stay Positive, everything Stay’s Positive. Cheers to me. I love me. I am me. I don’t want to be rich or famous; all I need is I want to be happy and live my life without any stress.

About Me


Iam Deepa, a housewife busy in dealing with two naughty kids. Me hailing from Thoothukudi so called the “Pearl city”, the southern most part of India. Iam here to share about me and my interests. Apart from being a housewife i got some of my own interests towards painting, hand embroidery, gardening, home decorations and so on.  I am interested in trying out something new in my kitchen and shared the best among them.  Recently being motivated by my friend and supported by my husband, i started blogging. I live my life in my own way. From my point of view,” Life should be without stress and worries, never mind of being rich and famous, the only thing I want is to be happyyyyyy”.

Recently Iam in to facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madraasi