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Happy New Year – 2017 with Madraasi


New Year starts with a happy note and holiday for all of us. Like everyone we had a fantastic New Year celebration at home, I baked Gingerbread cake and made rockcandy/Karkandu Pongal which is an authentic and traditional tamilian sweet for the start of the NEWYEAR. Later followed by Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha (very first time I got to prepare this) and onion raita for our lunch. Watched a new movie, had fun time with kids, chit-chat with my hubby about the last year and how to be this year, as only “CHANGES are permanent” – there were few good and bad things in this year.

This year accepting the changes, looking and love to get surrounded by positive vibes around me and also like to spread positive vibes to people I come across in my daily life.

As all of us knew how precious the time is, I don’t want to waste my time with …, hear non-sense and deal with stupidest, but planned to share my time equally with my blog, family and few hours for me. When I look back to my blog, and when it was loaded with full and full of food posts, I got to remember that my blog is a personal blog and wonder where my other works have gone.  And so this year my blog will be having the scribbles like earlier as before – Stay tuned for the TAMILIAN TALES.

New year lunch 2017 - Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha, onion raita and Boiled egg

New year lunch 2017 – Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha, onion raita and Boiled egg

Not to stop scribbling all these but going to strive hard to bring it to action. So hereafter waking up early, admire the early morning and admire the weekends late nights, fun with kids, time for my arts and crafts, newly learned but one of dream stitching my own dress – coming on the way with hand embroidery, my paintings and sharing how to paint, gardening with tips of easy gardening and organic manure, my travel, few beauty tips more coming stay tuned with us.


Happy New Year – 2015


Happy New Year - 2015

Wishing everyone whole hearted very very Happy and prosperous New Year. Also wish all of you good health, all time peace, plenty of wealth, last but the most important thing which brings everything in your life – best and better relationships with everyone and all your dreams come true.

Well from my side last year was good, I am happy that I did something in my life and still got lot more things to do. I thank everyone who has supported me, who have encouraged me and my tons of thanks to those who discourage and talk behind me, because only you people motivated me to glow. Had most of the sweetest and worst time last year, now remembering all those memories and I have taken those as lessons, memories and motivation.

The most important thing is that my life time dream has come true and yet there are few more dreams to come true. Hopefully looking forward for those dreams to come true and I could also bet that those dreams would come true soon.

Also I am happy to say that I have decided to undergo few resolutions such as

  • Do my works properly and not to worry about the outcome. Because hard work is highly paid but it takes time and stays permanently.
  • Do what I love to do, without hurting others. Life is too short, so live every moment one and only for you.
  • Do not care what about other’s reaction behind us.
  • Do not worry for anything; there is a solution to every problem.
  • Do not share any problems with anyone than my beloved ones, but share my happiness with my beloved ones.
  • Love to be as me at anytime and love to be with the countables those who accept me as me.