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My views on Relationship – Madraasi Scribbles



Relationship – what a beautiful and lovely word that has too many meanings within it. I would say that the meaning of relationship depends only on the concerned person – how they get to mean it (may be in a wrong manner or a good manner).

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About Relationship – Madraasi Scribbles

At times, I feel irritated why people imagine everything in a wrong or worst way, finally after few incidents I concluded that it’s one and only because of their surroundings and people they come across and most importantly based on their own behavior, because you could relate anyone only with things you see or face. When you are good and true to someone, you could feel only the positivity and not the negativity.

Recently the word relationship after it took its lead on to the social media status – this beautiful word has teared apart too many worst faces of the people. Just like that I keep on asking myself – why the bond between a daughter and father, mother and son, between friends may be of same gender or opposite gender differ – doesn’t come to most of the people’s mind. Instead there comes only the ugliest meaning for relationship, so awkward to hear it very often from few people, who don’t even understand or know what a relationship is.

What I would say about RELATIONSHIP is – You can talk anything from your mind and no secrets. Also, a healthy relationship never brings you down, it only lifts you up and stays with you amidst struggles, does anything to hold the bond.

Be yourself, love yourself, nothing is worthier or best than you, spend a few minutes with yourself in a day and I would say that is the world’s best relationship that can make you strong, confident and let you stretch your wings and fly high in the air.




Things left for us, stays for us forever.


Possessiveness means having a desire or wants to own. This feeling is caused only when the person feels unsecure or confusion on a relationship. We cannot blame only that particular person, because it’s a just a feeling and it’s caused only by the attitude of the other one.  There are things which we don’t want to happen ever in our life and also be sure that once again it should not rule us ever. One can understand clearly that whoever may be; they should or could or must possess only with what they have right. Even after knowing the fact, they cannot hold that, spoiling the whole mood. It also causes certain health issues like lack of sleep, appetite, concentration and also we react over on silly things, totally it makes a person mad and puts their mind in confusion state.



Once when a child is born, he/she is bonded with love of his/her parents. This bond is called relationship. Relationship is more related to nature. It is as delicate as glass. When we are in good and strong relationship we get boosted. When we are in bad and worst relationship it makes us feel that we are nothing. Everyone is there in a relationship it may be kinship, friendship. No one is without a relationship may be the kinship, relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t matter but holding the relationship matters. There are few things to be followed in relationship such as responsibility, love, commitment, trust, patience, sacrifice, fights, faith, tears, anger, jealousy, pain, secrets, time and so on.


The first relationship bond starts with mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins so called the kinship. Then comes the bond friendship which stays forever till the life persists. Then comes the bond through society so called as social relationship. Then comes the bond through marriage so called as committed relationship. Again comes to the bond children, in-laws, grandchildren so called the kinship. Incase when there is no bond in relationship it results in the breakup. Each and every relationship above stated has some expectation; the only relationship where there is  no expectation other than love is  friendship. Relationship also keeps changing over time, since it depends on both the people involved there. Relationship don’t just happen, they happen only with two people who really want to be together.