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Food Review – The Kabab Studio, Bangalore


Got an invite for “The Kabab Studio” – Gold finch for their Punjabi Food festival. This was my second time after a year, they have outdoor dining area, where it would be more scenic with fresh area, but due to rains on the day, I couldn’t enjoy that area.

Food Review – The Kabab Studio, GoldFinch, Bangalore

The restaurant was very spacious, they had 4 to 5 live counters, for the Tawa parathas, Keema roll, Tawa Chicken, Chat counter and Dessert counter. This festival was executed under the Chef Dayal Singh, Master Chef of The Kabab Studio.

Being a non-vegetarian, I gave tried out all the non-vegetarian dishes, each and every dish was perfect to the texture and taste. I loved the welcome drink – Lassi, it was perfectly prepared with the right texture, taste and aroma. Let me share my experience over the food I had there,
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  • Starters:
    • Amristari Fish Fry
    • Sofiyana Chooza
    • Badami Murgh Tikka
    • Mutton Lucknowi Kabab
    • Tandoori Prawn
  • Salads:
    • Chicken Caesar
    • Chicken Chaat
    • Fruit Chat
    • Bittergourd Salad
  • Soups:
    • Paya Shorba
  • Main Course: Main course have same special place with me, as I liked all the gravies and the lamb was completely cooked to the perfection. Also, all the gravies are mildly spiced, which was more comfortable to have for kids even. Parathas were made in a live counter, it was too soft to have.
    • Parathas – Missi roti, Makki Ki roti
    • Gravies – Punjabi Gosht Masala, Makhni Murgh, Jalpuri Fish curry, Tomato Prawn Curry. Also, I had Sarson Ka Saag along with Missi Roti.
    • Briyani – Punjabi Gosht Briyani and Vegetable Raita
  • Desserts:
    • Strawberry Kheer
    • Jalebi with Rabdi
    • Apricot Mousse (sugar-free)
    • Litchi Ki Tehri
    • Orange Cheese cake

 A must to try place in Bangalore.

Food Review – Fresh Menu, Bangalore


Sometimes I get tired or feel very lazy, imagine when its winter – yeah I like to tuck in my bed and this resulted in off for cooking and got to order with FRESH MENU. The food was delivered on the right time, the package was very good, portion of the food was also good. I got to order – Thai yellow chicken noodles, Fried Chicken wings and Red velvet cheese. I like the food – Thai Yellow Chicken Noodles was awesome, I like it to the core, fried Chicken wings was ok and again Red Velvet Cheese was yummy, I could have 2 portions at a time. Enjoy your laziness and winter with FRESH MENU and make your tummy feel happy.
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BEER KEBAB & BIRYANI – Hyatt, M.G.Road, Bangalore with VIDEO


Recently I was invited to Hyatt, Bangalore for their introduction of “Beer, Kebab and Biryani” concept. I was on time for the food tasting event, I was stunned to see many varieties of Biryani and Kababs. Each and every one in a clay pot covered with the kneaded dough followed by Dum concept.


The concept of this “BEER KEBABS and BIRYANI” was a variety of Kebab with 3 pieces is served with a variety of Biryani (1 portion) and a mug of Beer (Kingfisher). It was priced to Rs. 1000/- plus tax. The combo was too good with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This combo was only for few days from 7th Nov till 17th Nov.

VIDEO Review –

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Actually it was in the “LIDO restaurant”, we were seated in the pool side, when the dough was opened, there was a very good aroma, with wonderful texture and color in the Biryani. Let me share the food along with the pictures, we got to try –


Over all it was a wonderful experience in a beautiful ambience. Give a try, as it will be there only for limited days.