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Kitchen Safari at Vivanta By Taj, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore


Being an ardent fan of the Food Safari program, the very first time when I got an invite for the “Kitchen Safari” at Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. I was very excited to see what is going to happen and what all the secret recipes of Taj is getting revealed. It was on last Saturday around 3 p.m, took time to travel for almost 1 hour 30 mins, but the safari was damn good, and informative.

Kitchen Safari – Kitchen Safari at Vivanta by Taj is the brain child of Chef. Agnimitra Sharma (Executive Chef of Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur). Kitchen Safari means the safari through their kitchens, as they had 4 restaurants, we bloggers were allowed to explore all their restaurants kitchen, also they demonstrated few recipes and we all had a chance to try over there. The beautiful and the memorable part over here is my son (6 yrs), made a ravioli following the chef’s instruction was totally cherishable moment for me.

Restaurants and about our Kitchen Safari – Our Kitchen safari was Culinary journery, from the rustic essence of Punjab, to the Mediterrean simplicity of Italy, through their 4 restaurants – Shimmer, Paranda, Azure and Caramel with their Executive chef, Chef Agnimitra Sharma and his team.

Our journey started from SHIMMER, where we were served with Pera allo zafferano grigliata can insalata di mascarpone, it was saffron grilled pear served with mascarpone cheese, candied walnut and honey rosemary dressing.

Next, we led to PARANDA, here starts our kitchen safari – We were served with a welcome drink – Masala Chaas and then started our journey towards their kitchen and bloggers were allowed to prepare the food with the instructions of the chef. There were two dishes prepared at the kitchen – Karare Chatpate Khumb (deep fried mushroom filled with bell pepper, cheese and black pepper) and Murgh Chapli Kebab (crushed black pepper, coriander, cumin and minced chicken escalape – shallow fried). After the preparation, we got to taste the dish prepared by us with few more – Hare pyaz ka bharwan paneer tikka (spring onion stuffed marinated cottage cheese, cooked in tandoor), Lahsooni Jheenga (garlic, yogurt, cream marinated tiger prawns cooked in tandoor) and Kesarwali Lassi (Yogurt shakes flavored with sugar and saffron).

Thirdly, we led to AZURE, once we entered the kitchen we found the dough ready for pizza, there Chef revealed us the secrets of making ravioli, tortellini and Pizza, which are awaiting officially launch on August 4th with their new menu, give a try guys. Azure made my day more memorable, that I could cherish all over my lifetime. My son prepared a ravioli at their kitchen, already I knew his passion towards food and this time it was awesome, also he was longing to prepare pizza. Also, here the chef revealed us the secret of spreading the pizza dough, also the pizza, ravioli we made were yum. Later we had to taste the pizza – Pizza Ortaianoa (grilled vegetables, tomato sauce and mozzarella), foccassia bread, double wafer pizza (minced chicken, basil pesto, olive), Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (potato dumpling tossed with tomato, fresh mozzarella and parmesan), Tortellini di pollo (filled with smoked chicken, pest cream, sundried tomatoes and pine nuts).

Last but not least, as this will be everyone’s love – Dessert session at CARAMAL. There were such a beautiful collection of desserts from macaroons, pastries, chocolates to tiramisu, baklava. Had to taste the Éclair with red velvet, white chocolate and definitely the Tiramisu.

On whole Kitchen Safari was a lovely, fantastic, wonderful and an informative safari. Thanks, Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore for this wonderful opportunity and informative session.


Pizza Hut – Triple Treat Box Review


Recently I got Triple Treat Box from Pizza hut for review, pizza arrived on time as all of us knew about pizza hut and their delivery service.

About Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut, the world’s leading affordable casual dining and delivery restaurant brand, has been present in India for 20 years. It came into Indian with a restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996 and was the first International restaurant chain to pioneer this category. Pizza Hut was recently awarded with “Food Service Retailer Of the Year 2016” by Franchise India.

CLICK HERE for reviews.

About the Triple Treat Box: Pizza Hut launches new Triple Treat Box which features three boxes with two medium size pizza and a starter box which had a portion of garlic bread stick, potato poppers and paneer pockets.

You can order the pizza of your choice from their menu and also this was packed very well, the packaging retained the pizza to stay hot.

My experience: My kids love pizza to the core, they like to have pizza at least once in every two weeks. Before we order there will be too many discussion going through as they get confused to select the starters. Also, the portion of the starter will be more than they need and each one will have their own flavor, this results in too many excess, which we need to reheat and have for our breakfast the next day.

Introducing the box –

Coming to this Triple Treat Box, I felt it was more useful and the portion was too good for a family, as It comes along with a portion of two different starters again its very helpful. I would say that it was a save for money, no wastage.

So, hereafter I could see my kids ordering their Triple Treat Box, Pizza was yum, soft, topping and the chicken was cooked to perfection. Triple Treat Box – a great saver for Pizza Lovers.


SunBean Gourmet Coffee from ITC – Review


Got an invite for Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, bloggers event at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. As usual I headed there on time, the event was completely based on the coffee and coffee beans. In the section we had more and more information about the Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, which is one of the top most gourmet coffee in India, also they are grown in India along Nilgiri hills, Tamil Nadu and Chickmagalur, Bangalore.

Sunbean has two varieties of coffee bean – Nicomalai which is a mix of beans from Nicaragua and Anna Malai in the Nilgiri hills and the other is called Panagiri which is mix of beans from the Panama and Baba Budangiri in Chikmangalur which is again famous for coffee.

Baba Budangiri is named after Baba Budan, the one who smuggled 7 coffee bean from yemen and planted it in Chikmagalur. Our fellow bloggers were splited into two groups – one for the tasting section of coffee and the other for the art section with coffee. I got to the tasting section of coffee.

The coffee got brewed before us, and also we had the right information on how to brew the coffee from the basics –
Texture of the coffee powder – The texture of the coffee powder should be coarse powder, so that you get the perfect decotion which helps the water to pass through the powder easily.

How the coffee powder should be ground – As coffee is one of the essential part in our life, most of us grind coffee bean at home. We do grind it in mixer and they say it gives the world’s bad coffee and so they suggested that coffee bean should be ground only in the coffee grinder.
Brewing time – When the brewing is all most done, you get to see lots of bubbles over the coffee and that it’s that right time to stop brewing.

They demonstrated the whole brewing process of coffee and also demonstrated us the Cinnamon Honey Coffee, Irish coffee using their Sunbean Gourmet Coffee. Due to some personal issues, I could not attend the coffee art section. This event was more and more useful for gathering the information of all about only and only Sunbean Gourmet Coffee.

Also as a token of love, we all had a goodie bag from ITC and my goodie bag had Nicamalai coffee. So whenever you are to ITC hotels, do experience their Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, which would make you buy their coffee powder home.

With the Nicamalai coffee, I am going to enjoy my coffee time and experiment with some recipes. Stay tuned with us.