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Compromise/No compromise





Whatever maybe, whoever maybe, how long maybe – finally everyone come to the point called compromise when in need. Also few state that this is Life. Compromise can be done only in very few things unless you don’t lose your self-respect either wrong or right. Also the happiness got in that would lost only for particular period.





But never compromise or change yourself just to get someone to like you. No compromise leads to walk alone but you will be satisfied, happy and proud of the distance you covered.

Feeling Tired (blabber)



Feeling Tired in Learning lessons — We could not guess what people think, do, even their attitudes changes.  In each and each every relationship there is someone who knows the value of that relationship and wants to continue that relationship till the end of their life. Since because of this they change themselves completely (desire, mind, attitude even the self respect) but the other one thinks the one as fool.  Everything goes well when there is not a word money, but when this word involves everything changes upside down (thinks get hidden, too many lies, too many fights, too many misunderstanding, too many heartaches, health disorder, delay in work, lack of concentration, financial problems and so on),finally pushed to breakup. Being beaten up by too many relationships for about a decade and a year; console myself by taking these as, learning lessons in life. Wish hereafter I don’t want to learn the same lesson. Wondering this is why people stay away from many things.