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Master Chef cooking class by Whirlpool Built-In appliances with Chef Kunal Kapur


Got an invite for culinary Masterclass sponsored by Whirlpool Built-in appliances to mark the celebrations for the second anniversary of Haute Kitchen – an experiential center for Whirlpool built-in appliances in Koramangala, Bangalore. The event was hosted by the Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur, at something’s cooking culinary studio, Bangalore.

Commenting on the successful conclusion of Masterclass, Mr. Natarajan A, Head- New Business Unit, Whirlpool of India said, “We are glad that Chef Kunal Kapur joined us today for the anniversary celebration of our Haute-Kitchen in Bangalore. We believe that holding a meet-and-greet session for our patrons with Celebrity Chefs is important as they get to learn the art of cooking using the finest range of Whirlpool built in appliances from the masters. Going forward, we intend to conduct similar classes in other parts of India as well. We would like to thank both Chef Kunal Kapur and Something’s Cooking studio for today’s event success”

More excited when I got to hear we were going to cook with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. There were few bloggers and bloggers were divided to 5 teams where there was 2 veg team and 3 non-veg team. As everyone over there knew my daughter (10 yrs) is too interested and cooks well, she was also enrolled to our team. Our team with 4 of us – Me, My daughter (Hiranmayi), Harsha and Swathi.

Masterchef Cooking Class by Whirlpool's Built-In Appliances with Chef Kunal Kapur

Masterchef Cooking Class by Whirlpool’s Built-In Appliances with Chef Kunal Kapur

The recipe was given to us along with the ingredients, kitchen utensils and so on. Chef Kunal Kapur, instructed us the way with tips and tricks on how to cook the recipe, also he demonstrated the way of cooking and why we cook like that. For example, why do we slit fish, along the skin side, to avoid it from shrinking.

The menu was curated by Chef Kunal kapur, it was a unique idea, sounds good and yeah it tasted delicious. Recipe – Seafood Modak with Moilee Sauce, tossed spinach and Kokum Foam, Andae ka Halwa, Lemon Basil curd. Seafood Modak sounds interesting and unique right, it’s stuffed with spicy prawn masala and the moilee sauce was prepared with prawn head. Due to lack of time, we couldn’t prepare Andae Ka Halwa, but got to taste the one prepared by chef, it was divine, melt in mouth. Stay tuned for recipe…

My daughter preparing Prawn Moilee –


Finally, the day was spent fantastic and informative with fun, laughter, thanks a lot to Whirlpool India for extending the invite. Wishing you all the very success and many more returns of anniversary day with your Whirlpool Built-In Appliances. I have been a using Whirlpool refrigerator and washing machine more than a decade and would never comprise with any brands for these and eagerly looking to handle Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances.

Chef’s Basket with Something Cooking Event


Last Saturday got to attend a cook-off event hosted by Chef’s Basket with Something’s Cooking. We were on time to the event – the studio – something cooking looks stunning with attractive colors over the wall, and their interiors are mind blowing. I was like admiring the studio, well-spaced with beautifully set modular kitchen cabinets and too many ultra-modern equipments.

About Chef’s Basket: Chef’s Basket believe in the art of cooking and also they believe that with a little help anybody can cook. This resulted in their products – Noodles and Pasta with most authentic recipes from around the world. They say that their food is natural with no artificial preservatives or added colour. For more details about Chef’s Basket and their products, check out: http://chefsbasket.com/.

Coming to the event – The event was hosted by Chef’s Basket, not only me few of my foodie friends were also invited for the event. We had a lovely evening, first of all we were given a brief section about story of chef’s basket and their products. Secondly, we were introduced to the cook-off section, we were divided to team and there was totally 8 teams with 3 to 4 participants. I was with the second team and it’s me, Mahima Koteshwar, Bijan Mishra and my daughter – Hiranmayi who joined the hands for the event.

We were asked to cook 2 varieties of chef’s Basket products – cooking of the first dish was purely based on their way, which we get to know from the packets and it was KHOW SUEY Noodles – Spicy creamy noodles from Burma and Northern Thailand. And the second one was CHEESY ALFREDO Pasta – here was the twist, we wanted to make use of the ingredients in the packet but in unique way. We have cooked the pasta by following their procedure and as a twist, we halved capsicum, de-seed it and then cooked the capsicum in olive oil for a while, in all the sides. Then filled the capsicum with pasta, topped it with little shredded cheese and served hot.

After all the cook-off, there was a product launching section – yeah, they have launched their Dinner Box and Tiramisu.


Also we got a gift hamper with four of the Chef’s Basket product. Thanks a lot for Naveen, Sumangala (Chef’s Basket) for the invite and Something’s cooking (studio) for making it possible.