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Black Jamun Mocktail / Navaar Palam Mocktail


Black jamun known as Navvar pazham or Navaapazham in tamil is a seasonal fruit packed with loads of health benefits. These are good source for diabetic patients, relieves stomach pain, diarrhea, good for digestion, and controls menustral disorder for women.

Recently we have been to Jungle Retreat, Masinagudi and there was a big jamun with loads of jamuns, thought of collecting it on the day we were about to leave, but unfortunately a bear ate most of the jamun which are easy to reach and the next morning I got to collect only the leftovers.

As it was farm fresh, it tastes divine to eat. But apart from eating stored few of them for developing recipes, and here comes my Black Jamun / Indian Blackplum / Navvar Pazham Mocktail. Let me share the recipe…

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Jamun Fruit / Navvar Pazham Mocktail

Jamun Fruit / Navvar Pazham Mocktail


  • Black Jamun – ½ kg
  • Granadine – 3 tbsp
  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  • Castor Sugar – 4 tsbp
  • Black salt – ¼ tsp
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Mint leaves – 2 sprigs


  • Wash and deseed the jamun fruit.
  • Take out the flesh and skin of the jamun, blend them well by adding little water.
  • Strain the juice, add in 2 tbsp of strained flesh to the juice.
  • Pour in the lemon juice, granadine and mix well.
  • Add in the castor sugar, black salt and salt, mix well.
  • Crush 3 to 4 mint leaves, add it to the juice.

Refrigerate and served chilled, by topping it with a small mint sprig.

Note: Granadine available in stores, will soon update the recipe, it’s nothing but similar to Pomegranate Squash.



Grapefruit Squash


Grapefruit is a large orange-like fruit that belongs to the citrus family. It is also called as shaddock, as it is found as clusters on the tree, it is known as Grapefruit. The flesh of the fruit comes in white, pink or red. It tastes bitter and sour, but packed with lots of health benefits.

Health Benefits: It helps to promote digestion by increasing the flow of gastric juice, helps reduce the excessive production of cholesterol from the liver, also because of the presence of fat-burning enzyme – helps in weight-loss.

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I’m in partying mood and so taking this to our own FiestaFriday #121 hosted by Angie@thenovicegarderner.

These fruits are found mostly on summers, you can prepare a squash of this Grape-Fruit and refrigerate them in sterilized bottles for months. Let me share the recipe of the Grapefruit Squash…


  • Grapefruits – 2 nos
  • Sugar – 6 tbsp
  • Lemon juice – 2 tbsp.


  • Halve the grapefruit, cut the skin of the grapefruit – it look like orange.
  • Take ¾ litre of water in a sauce pan, bring it to boil.
  • Add in the sugar, stir well, until it dissolves, cook in medium flame for 10 mins.
  • Pour in the lemon juice, cook in medium flame for another 10 mins.
  • Meanwhile, take out the flesh of the grapefruit (as you take out in orange).
  • Blend it with ¼ cup of water to a fine paste.
  • Strain the juice well in a bowl.
  • Pour in the grapefruit pulp to the boiling water and cook in medium flame for another 10 mins or until it reaches the squash consistency.
  • Remove from fire, keep it aside and wait until it reaches room temperature.
  • Transfer it to a sterilized bottle and refrigerate.

How to serve: You can mix Grapefruit squash with equal proportion of chilled water and serve it. Else you can substitute sparkling water (soda water) instead of water and serve chilled.

Note: You increase or decrease the quantity of sugar as per your taste buds.

Lemonade with Palm Jaggery


Me and family like the mint flavor, when it comes to juice. Now we use to have some mint based drink for the summer, as everyone knew that mint is a natural coolant. I like this palm jaggery, I prepare coffee, appam, even bake with this palm jaggery and know wanted to try it with lemonade. Handling all my favorites together, and result was awesome, a perfect coolant for this Boiling SUMMER. Let us move on to the recipe…

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  • Lemon – 2 nos
  • Water – 1 litre
  • Palm jaggery or Palm jaggery srup – as per taste
  • Mint leaves – a handful


  • Cut the lemon into two pieces. Squeeze out the lemon juice, keep it aside.
  • Chop and slightly crush the mint leaves and keep it aside.
  • Mix the lemon juice along with water, add in the crushed mint leaves.
  • Crush the palm jaggery and add in the crushed palm jaggery or the palm jaggery syrup, stir well until it gets mixed well.
  • Refrigerate for 30 mins.

Serve chilled with ice cubes and add in 2 thin slices of lemon and a small mint sprig.