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Happy Women’s Day – 2017


Wishing all the women a Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

Proud of being women, and also wish to be women in all my births. Nothing is more stronger and more powerful as women on the earth.

Being born in a family where there is a definition for women (given by women themselves), whereas my grandfather, who gives entirely a different definition “As women are strong, fearless, powerful, stubborn when she decides it’s going to make wonders, outspoken and she who makes good decision and more courage than any other, who knows everything but looks as though they don’t know anything”.

Even I have the same views and strongly believe in the saying “Women can create or destroy”, so love to be women who creates things and at the same time never forget you can also destroy the unwanted things around you in your own life.

Recently when I came across one of a friend she who said, “Women and Gossips cannot be separated, pulling other’s leg even for silly things and the strongest part of the women is to ignore all these with a beautiful fake smile by hiding all her sorrows, stress and everything” – really felt pity for that women. I would say strong women never gossips, or do so and so as she is busy in picking the stones thrown over her to build an empire.

With a heavy heart, here, I say that women are thrown only by women, when you have ability to throw another, why to don’t you spend time in building your own empire and be happy in supporting and helping your own kind – LIVE and LET LIVE.

Happy New Year – 2017 with Madraasi


New Year starts with a happy note and holiday for all of us. Like everyone we had a fantastic New Year celebration at home, I baked Gingerbread cake and made rockcandy/Karkandu Pongal which is an authentic and traditional tamilian sweet for the start of the NEWYEAR. Later followed by Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha (very first time I got to prepare this) and onion raita for our lunch. Watched a new movie, had fun time with kids, chit-chat with my hubby about the last year and how to be this year, as only “CHANGES are permanent” – there were few good and bad things in this year.

This year accepting the changes, looking and love to get surrounded by positive vibes around me and also like to spread positive vibes to people I come across in my daily life.

As all of us knew how precious the time is, I don’t want to waste my time with …, hear non-sense and deal with stupidest, but planned to share my time equally with my blog, family and few hours for me. When I look back to my blog, and when it was loaded with full and full of food posts, I got to remember that my blog is a personal blog and wonder where my other works have gone.  And so this year my blog will be having the scribbles like earlier as before – Stay tuned for the TAMILIAN TALES.

New year lunch 2017 - Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha, onion raita and Boiled egg

New year lunch 2017 – Mutton Biryani, Mutton Dalcha, onion raita and Boiled egg

Not to stop scribbling all these but going to strive hard to bring it to action. So hereafter waking up early, admire the early morning and admire the weekends late nights, fun with kids, time for my arts and crafts, newly learned but one of dream stitching my own dress – coming on the way with hand embroidery, my paintings and sharing how to paint, gardening with tips of easy gardening and organic manure, my travel, few beauty tips more coming stay tuned with us.


Birthday to Me


Here comes the day, when I cheer up me wishing myself – “Happy Birthday, got tons of things to do“, because of the person within me(my grandfather), none other than you can make me happy. Every birthday when I turn back, I feel nothing with me except memories both evil and good, but this time I feel that I have something with me and the reason behind everything was my inspiration (my grandfather) and his dreams. I strongly believe that I would make your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday - 2016

Happy Birthday – 2016

All the birthdays, I use to feel for things I don’t have. But this time I am happy, that I felt and feeling happy for the things and people I have in my life.
Every time as I say, when I was told the meaning of name (named by my grandpa), and love to follow it. Deepa (deepam) – which enlightens things in dark. Still learning lessons of life – may be I would say that this year has turned me, eligible to in this mysterious world, handle things that come to me the same way.
Only thing I wish on this day is “Need more energy, power, intelligence and patience”
Blessed to be in beautiful relationship as a mother, wife, friend and relative for the ones who need my relation.