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Happy Women’s Day – 2017


Wishing all the women a Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

Proud of being women, and also wish to be women in all my births. Nothing is more stronger and more powerful as women on the earth.

Being born in a family where there is a definition for women (given by women themselves), whereas my grandfather, who gives entirely a different definition “As women are strong, fearless, powerful, stubborn when she decides it’s going to make wonders, outspoken and she who makes good decision and more courage than any other, who knows everything but looks as though they don’t know anything”.

Even I have the same views and strongly believe in the saying “Women can create or destroy”, so love to be women who creates things and at the same time never forget you can also destroy the unwanted things around you in your own life.

Recently when I came across one of a friend she who said, “Women and Gossips cannot be separated, pulling other’s leg even for silly things and the strongest part of the women is to ignore all these with a beautiful fake smile by hiding all her sorrows, stress and everything” – really felt pity for that women. I would say strong women never gossips, or do so and so as she is busy in picking the stones thrown over her to build an empire.

With a heavy heart, here, I say that women are thrown only by women, when you have ability to throw another, why to don’t you spend time in building your own empire and be happy in supporting and helping your own kind – LIVE and LET LIVE.

Happy International Women’s Day


Today March 8thInternational Women’s Day. It’s to celebrate womanhood and pay tribute to the women who come out with flying colours and also motivating future generation women to bring out their colours.

“Bread and Roses” was a poem inspired in 1912 Strike by women workers with a beautiful line – “ Give us Bread but give us Roses” stating that, they want equality (equal pay, treated with dignity and respect) and beauty (enjoy lives with family and friends).

Happy International Women's Day - 2015

Happy International Women’s Day – 2015

I came across this poem and I want to share here on this day…

She gave life. She is a wife.
She is a mother and she is a friend.
She is a sister a survivor to the end.

Appreciate her, we don’t dare.
Ask her worries, we don’t care.
Wipe away her tears, they are invisible as air.

She works cooks and clean.
She laughs, helps comfort, and hides her pain.
When you struggle she pulls you through

All this is she and what do we do?
Complain and create a mess.
Provide stress and leave her feeling depressed…
Push her away and ignore her advice.
Tell her she is nothing without thinking twice.

She was raped tortured and abused.
Told she was nothing and would always be used just for pleasure forget her pain.

She swallows her pride, put her feelings aside.
Does as you need in order for you to be free.
Ignores your ignorance and tolerates your flaws.

You call her nothing.
I call her Strong, Smart, Sensual, Caring, Giving, Surviving, and Tolerant and powerful
I call her WOMAN!

Wishing each and every women a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.